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Abyss -The common name for the dragon Yur-Ben-Sal. Known to the elves as the FireWraith. The dragon's true name was later changed to Kraith-Tel-Kraith.
Aerges -The most powerful of all the elf rune weapons. It is the spear of Tele Femenor.
Alexander -King of Caerwen, father of Solomon Dale. He is also known as the Dragon King.
Alduran -Last Clan Chief of the Kwaye and father of Ariel.
Ariel - The last of the Kwaye. Ariel is the dark warrior that must strive against the coming of the endless night.
Amon Dore -The Kingdom of the Elves.
Apshail - The dark wizards of Kalazar. Evil beings sworn to the service of the Witch King and given great and evil power because of it.
Benediction - A black sword wielded by Ariel. Benediction is the most powerful of all the Kwaye rune weapons. It may be used by the Clan Chief alone. The sword is sentient and has driven some of its previous owners to insanity.
Bloodfire - Also spoken of as The Change. Throughout history some of the ruling Kwaye have been "gifted" with the ability to transform themselves by their inner power. Usually in the form of a bear or wolf. The forms are bestial and uncontrollable by the mind of the Kwaye.
Caerwen -Kingdom of Alexander and Solomon Dale. The Knights of Caerwen were one of the most feared fighting forces in the land.
Celtus -Prince of Demons. Celtus is the liason between Raum and Kalazar. Celtus slew Alduran.
Chakala -A term that the Odoni used for Ariel.
Connor -Leader of the Wolf Clan. Connor and his people befriended Ariel when he travelled to The Desolation.
Dale -A Kwaye smith. Along with Oberking Dwan, he forged Benediction.
Desolation -East of the known lands. It was once heavily populated. The area was destroyed by the release of powerful magics in the struggle between the earth magi and the dark wizards. It was thought to be uninhabitable.
Elar, El -Last of the Earth mages. Elar fought his brother Kalazar eons ago. The powers they unleashed were responsible for The Devastation of the then settled lands in the east.
Galog -A powerful, insane, demon. Galog was bound by Elar and released by Kalazar.
Kalazar -Elar's brother. Kalazar is the ruler of Stirlch and wields the Ring of Thelis. He is in league with demon kind and works to become a god himself. He, along with Elar is responsible for The Devastation.
Kwaye - A warrior race. They have strict codes of honor and duty. The Kwaye are very powerful and fearless. They have many skills that are powered by their inner strength. They have been feared as demons by men and elves for years.
Lake of the Watcher -A remote, distant lake of great antiquity. The lake is said to be home to a being of great power known as the Watcher.
Lowe -A forest kingdom. Ruled by Surl. It was the home of Shana.
Memmon -The chief torturer of Kalazar. Memmon was not truly human.
Oberking Dwan -The greatest of the dwarven smiths. Along with Dale, he forged Benediction but was blinded by the swords tempering. He also forged the helm the Ariel wore.
Odoni - A race of small, tribal people. They are ruled by a chief and have powerful shaman. They often waylay travellers in the wood for both material gains and horseflesh. They were servants of the Kwaye in the distant past.
Orion -A bard of Eire of high order. Companion to Ariel. Orion has a magic harp and a bow of great power.
Other Land -Also known as the Dream Walk. A restive state for the Kwaye, almost a trance. Events seen in the Other Land were tangible and real.
Pallus -A god, brother to Shoshanna. Pallus preferred to keep a low profile and remain out of events. He took a hand only when necessary for the greater good. He was a dedicated foe of both Kalazar and Raum.
Raum -King of Demons and Darkness. Raum was the driving power behind Kalazar.
Ring of ThelisThe most powerful object for evil in this world. The ring was actually the contained life force of Raum. Kalazar used it with dire effect.
Shana -Princess of Lowe, daughter of Surl. She was consecrated to the goddess Shoshanna. She was one of the companions of Ariel. Shana's death would be the downfall of Shoshanna and the resurrection of Kalazar as a god.
Shoshanna -A goddess, patron of Lowe. Surl and Shana were both bound to her. Shoshanna, with her brother Pallus were the two most powerful beings of this world. Shoshanna is incredibly beautiful with a raw sexuality that can entrap those around her.
Solomon Dale -Crown prince of Caerwen and heir to the throne. A knight of great skill that would eventually prove himself. He wielded the Sword of the Scorpion after it was given to him by The Watcher.
Splaize - Small steel balls used as missile weapons by the Kwaye. They vary in size and are held between the fingers. A master can send balls at different targets simultaneously.
Stalin Tyge -The Dwarf King of the Diamond Mountains. He was a staunch supporter and ally of the Kwaye and Ariel.
Stirlch -The island kingdom of Kalazar.
Surl -King of Lowe and father of Shana. He was dedicated to Shoshanna and his murder brought about her chaining.
Sword of the Scorpion -The blade wielded by Solomon Dale, once owned by Tal A ManNor. The blade is deadly to the Apshail. It has been said to possess many strange abilities and to sometimes act on its own.
Tal A ManNor -The greatest of the sorceror knights of Elysea. He was the original bearer or the Sword of the Scorpion. He is the sworn foe of the Apshail.
Tal Lilith (Lilith)-Elven princess of Doluth. She is the beloved of Ariel and is coveted by Tel Germin whom she spurned.
Tala Undomela -High queen of the elves. Mother of Tel Germin. She is a powerful healer.
Tel, Tal -Elven term signifying a prince (princess).
Tele, Tala -Elven terms signifying king and queen.
Tel Domino -Prince of Doluth, father of Tal Lilith.
Tel Germin -The elven prince of Amon Dore, heir to the kingdom. He is a warrior of great skill. Germin has always hated Ariel because of Lilith.
Tele Femenor -High King of the Elves, ruler of Amon Dore.
Tok - Ariel's dog companion. Larger than any wolf, Tok is a savage dog of war. He is also Ariel's blood brother. The two are linked telepathically and feel the pain of each other.
trollkin -Brutal, mishapen demons. They are powerful, squat, apelike figures that attack ceaselessly. Even the greater princes fear the trollkin when they are massed in number.